4.2.1 Abscissa position

This functionality allows the user to move the position of the vertical red line through the data, indicating the position to reproduce when the button play is pressed.  

Another way to access the abscissa position is with the abscissa position item on the data display menu (Image 28), or the shortcut key ‘Alt+Shift+X’ or ‘Option+Shift+X’. The two actions set the keyboard focus on the previous label of the slider element on the sonoUno framework. Then the user can press the tabulation key to access the abscissa slider.

Image 28 – Shows the data display menu with its six items, the keyboard focus is on the first, which is the abscissa position item.

The user have two options to change the position of the reproduction: on the slide bar with the mouse or the arrow keys (Image 29); and above the slider there are a text space indicating the actual value of the reproduction, you can go to this element to enter a number where you want to jump and press enter (Image 30).

Image 29 – The abscissa position slider is placed on the left under the plot (red rectangle), the position of the slider is 17.5, and it corresponds with the vertical red line on the plot.
Image 30 – Above the abscissa slider there are a text space that indicates the actual position of the reproduction and allows the user to enter a number to indicate a new position for the reproduction.

The abscissa position can be modified before, during and after the reproduction of the data. If the reproduction is in progress, after change the reproduction continues from the new set value.