4.2.5 Mark point button

This button allows the user to mark a specific coordinate from the data. When the button is pressed save the current position on a vector and plot it with a vertical black line. The position on the frame is on the center bottom, under the sliders of abscissa and tempo (Image 37).

Image 37 – The mark point button is found on the bottom center part, under the sliders and after the pause button. It’s the third of the reproduction button from left to right.

In parallel, the user can mark a point on the graph with the item mark point of the data display menu (Image 38), or the shortcut key ‘Alt+Shift+M’ or ‘Option+Shift+M’. Both methods do the same action directly without modifying the keyboard focus.

Image 38 – Show the data display menu with its six items, the keyboard focus is on the fifth, which is the mark point item.