4.4.2. Plot configurations

The plot configurations given are the plot style (line, marker and color) and grid option. To access the plot configurations panel, exist three ways, one is the plot style sub-menu from the setting menu, where are the items plot line style, plot marker style, plot color style and grid options (Image 72)

Image 72 – Shows the plot style sub-menu of the setting menu, which contain the different styles that the user can set.

Another way is the plot configuration item on the configuration submenu from the menu Panels (Image 73)

Image 73 – Shows the configuration sub-menu of the menu Panels, which contain three items and the keyboard focus is on the plot configurations item.

 In addition, if the all configuration panel is enabled (section “4.4. Configuration options”) (Image 66), the user can utilize the show plot configuration button (Image 74), which when is pressed change the name to hide plot configurations and allow to hide the plot settings.

Image 74 – Shows the plot configuration panel (red rectangle), where the user can choose between different line styles, markers and colors. In addition, the grid option can be selected.