4.1.2 Delete all marks button

Before starting with this functionality, we must explain that the sonoUno allows the user to mark points of interest on the data, and store the coordinates on a vector. These marks are shown with a vertical black line on the plot (Image 11).

Image 11 – Display the sonoUno interface with an open data file, in the plot there are one vertical red line (position of the playing coordinate) and several vertical black lines (coordinates of the mark points).

The functionality of the item Delete all marks, placed on the menu file (Image 12), is to erase all the marks on the data without saving anything. 

Image 12 – Shows the items of the menu file and the keyboard focus on the item Delete all marks.

Since the marks vector is deleted with that action, the marks on the data plot are deleted too. Now, on the graph there are the data and, if the position is different from the initial, also the vertical red line (Image 13).

Image 13 – SonoUno interface with data plotted and the vertical red line. The vertical black lines were erased after using the Delete all marks button.

In addition, another way to delete the marks is to use the button Delete all marks placed on the file panel. To show the file panel you have to select the item File on the menu Panels (Image 9). The panel with the six buttons is on the top-left of the user in the sonoUno framework (Image 10).